Why You Should You Swap Your Headlight Bulbs For LEDs


Why LED Headlights?

From a practical standpoint; they’re super bright and are rated to last an extremely long time. Plus, they also draw significantly less power and amperage when compared to halogens.

Installation is super easy just pop out your old halogen bulbs and replace them with the LED bulbs in its place. Getting to your bulb will be likely the hardest part of the install process but that depends on how your engine bay is laid out.

Why RAZIR LED Headlight Kit?

Experience the newest cutting edge automobile lighting technology, HIDextra has designed RAZIR™ LED Headlight Kit to revolutionize the way we light up the road. LED lighting will also make your vehicle standout and turn heads, showing off our own unique taste and producing a “sharper crisp light” that halogens and HIDs just can’t match. This effect will give headlights that highly desired crystal clear effect that high-end auto manufacturers often refer to. HID conversion kits are fairly easy to install, but HIDextra’s LED Headlight kits are even easier thanks to its ingenious “Twist and Go” design. All you need to do, the hardest part, is getting to your headlight enclosure.

HIDextra’s RAZIR LED Bulbs come in an intense white color which is known in the lighting world as 6000K. This clean white light gives your headlights that “luxury auto brand” look. These bulbs are compatible with hundreds of thousands of vehicles because they come in the following sizes: H1, H3, H4, H7, H11, H13, 5202, 880, 9003, 9005 and 9006.


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