Ways to Safely Let Your Teen Transition into the World of Driving

The scariest thing you can ever do is let your little baby boy or girl get behind a wheel and actually operate and drive a motor vehicle on actual streets with other drivers who are most likely texting and drinking while driving. But sadly, there’s no alternative, other than locking your child in the basement, to letting them on the road. All you can do is teach them well, instill the merits of driving safely and never using their cell phone while driving. But eventually, they will be out there in the real world, on the road. The only other thing you can do is make sure they are driving the safest possible car. Here are some cars that are perfectly suited to getting your teen safely on the road.

1. Toyota Prius

Not only is the Prius well-known for it’s fuel economy, so when they ask you for gas money, at least it’ll go a couple hundred miles further than in other cars, but it’s also great because it’s safe and not super fast. They might roll their eyes when you present your teens with a Prius, but you can be confident that the car won’t be entered into any irresponsible drag races any time soon. The car is sturdy and good, but not flashy and not speedy, and that’s what you want when it’s your kid behind the wheel. The bottom line about a car is that the teen wants to get from place A to place B with a stop at place C to pick up a friend. A Prius will do that with maximum safety.

2. Ford Focus

There are a lot of good reasons to like the Ford Focus for your kid. It’s a Ford, so it won’t be that expensive, that’s for one. Especially since you can probably find a great lightly used one at Temecula Used Cars in a style that will be pleasing to your kid and his or her friends. Who knows, they may end up loving the car. You can test drive some Focuses at Fairview Ford and make a real decision based on driving the thing. I think your child will like the Focus because it’s sporty and small, yet safe and reliable. You don’t want your child to break down on the side of the road, so you need to get something that won’t crap out on them. So see what they say about a Ford Focus!

3. Honda Odyssey

You may think it’s crazy to get your teen a minivan, but the Odyssey is no typical minivan. It’s first of all extremely safe, the Honda folks made sure of that. It’s rugged and has lots of air bags, for your child and all your child’s precious friends. The advantage of having a minivan in the friend’s circle is they can all go somewhere at once, so someone can be a designated driver and you won’t have to worry about the drinking and driving issue. Just make sure there’s a designated driver! The Honda Odyssey is reliable, too, and will last a long time. They may resist at first, but once they get used to it, they’ll love that they have a car that can lug around a lot of friends and all the stuff they want for their fun day out of the house.

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