Washing the car with the right

Car Washing
Car seems trivial work can be done by anyone, this view is actually not quite true. Car Wash is an easy job to do, but to get maximum results, as well as to avoid scratching paint the car, there are some things that need to be understood by car owners who wish to wash your car.
How to wash your car properly:
1. Car parking in the shade, avoid driving away from direct sunlight.
2. Flush the entire body the car starts down.
3. Use a special soap to wash cars, do not use soap to wash clothes or soap, designed for other purposes. Car wash soap to pour into a clean bucket and pour a bucket of water. Use foam, soak it in soapy water and use to wash the entire car starts from the top, and then continue with the bottom. Usually the upper body of the car is cleaner than at the bottom of the car.
4. Scrub tires use soap with a brush.
5. Spray alloy wheels use a detergent, leave for 3 minutes, and then use a brush to clean dirt.
6. Spray the car down until it gets clean.
7. Dry the car using a lap.
8. To clean glass and mirrors, spray glass cleaner to a clean dry cloth and then wipe with a rag into the glass and mirror until the medicine dries.
After completion of the washing machine may be accompanied by polishing the car.

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