Tips for improving Your Bike’s Mileage

Mileage is one of the crucial factors in the decision making process while buying a new bike. For countries like India, where we have varied road types, the ARAI Mileage i.e. the mileage suggested by the manufacturers seldom can be attained. In fact, with proper maintenance of the engine, the exact ARAI mileageand fuel efficiency can be achieved. The hike in the fuel prices makes the customers search for vehicles with the best mileage.

Prior to starting your bike, especially a new one, a warm up is recommended. By putting on the engine choke and leaving it for 10-20 seconds helps the oil to heat up enhancing its circulation throughout the engine. Do not switch on the choke while the bike is running as it consumes more fuel. Shift gears according to the appropriate rpm. Frequent gear change hampers the vehicle’s performance. It is suggested to drive in the top gear for a sound and economic ride. Ride within a speed of 40-60 km/hr. An extreme pushing of the throttle during the first 3-5 km stakes up more fuel. While riding down a slope, changing gear to neutral saves fuel. The next factor is to maintain the tyre pressure to optimum by monitoring it once a week. This will increase the mileage and stabilitythus avoiding extreme friction. When it comes to engine oil, choose one with quality meeting the company standards. Changing the oil as per the need prevents the rusting of the parts. Switching off the vehicle at signals saves fuel. One should accelerate and decelerate uniformly.

A vehicle with good mileage is always safe and sound. If the battery has been disconnected while starting the engine, the vehicle may exhibit some unusual driving characteristics after reconnecting the battery. This is because the engine management system must realign itself with the engine.

Never turn off the bike when it is running at high speed. Doing so will make the turbocharger to continue running after the engine oil pressure has dropped to zero. This results in premature wear and tear of turbocharger.

While fueling and refueling, certain safety precautions have to be adopted: discontinue refueling after the fuel nozzle stops the second time. Additional fuel will fill the expansion space leading to fuel over flow. Never park your bike over any combustible materials or even under direct sun. Regularly check your fuel tanks, fuel pipes and the filters to remove any clogged impurities. Never change the carburetor settings without following the manufacturer’s settings.

Getting your bike serviced at the recommended intervals from authorized service centers are advisable to enhance working performance and mileage. Regular servicing is necessary to keep your bike at maximum efficiency throughout its life.

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