The Rising Trend of Golf Carts

Golf carts used to only be seen cruising the greens, but today you’ll find them just about anywhere. Their decent gas mileage and easy maintenance has made them the vehicle of choice for many. They are the new toy for the baby boomer generation.

Many towns are giving their okay to golf carts for use on their streets. This is especially true in retirement communities everywhere. In Florida, a state known for its retirement appeal, they have the most carts per capita in the entire nation.

Golf carts are becoming a familiar sight on college and university campuses around the country. These small, quiet vehicles are ideal for students. They make commuting around expansive grounds easier for those trying to reach classes on time.

Golf carts are even going into the wild. They are being allowed on several bike and hiking trails as well as in campgrounds everywhere. Hunters are customizing them by adding pop-up tents and painting them in camouflage.

Most people turn to golf carts due to their low maintenance needs. When repairs are necessary, most people find they can do the work themselves. Parts are readily available at online retailers like or at local dealerships.

Today it is not surprising to find these compact vehicles around town, on school campuses, or out in the woods. They have become the affordable and “simple to care for” choice of many. The golf cart’s popularity seems to be here to stay.

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