Key Tips for Going to a Pull and Pay in Orlando

Car parts are expensive. That is a simple fact of life plaguing us all as we go through the daily grind, trying to save a buck or two whenever possible. For most, the savings start and end at the retailer, and are minimal to say the least. However, for the adventurous, there is an alternative that can be used to save money and obtain quality car parts.

By going to an Orlando Pull and Pay, it is possible to save money, help the environment, and have an interesting experience all in one goal. Here are some tips to help you on your first trip.

Bring your own Tools

Taking parts out of a car requires tools, and there will not always be some available for lending at the desk or through other patrons. It is a good idea to have a tool kit, regardless, so take this as an opportunity to start building the perfect tool kit for your own home!

You can buy a good starter kit from any major retailer, the more varied the tools the better. It is a good idea to have backups, for occasionally tools do go missing when they are set aside.

Do your Research

Here is a warning to the wise: It may quack like a duck, it may walk like a duck, it might chase down and terrorize toddlers like a duck, but it does not mean it is a duck. Very few parts are truly universal, so look up the part you need and know where it would be located. Often engines are used in a few models over the course of two or three years. This means that a couple of cars will have what you need, but you need to have this information in hand when you walk in. Otherwise, you are risking wasting your time and money on parts that will do absolutely nothing to help you in your project.

Know What is a Good Buy – and What Isn’t

Generally speaking, in the harsh Orlando climate it is not a good idea to buy anything that can be damaged by the elements easily. This means to avoid rubber tubes or anything that corrodes easily. Take a close look at anything you pull off, if there is even the slightest defect, then do not buy it. If you put a defective part on your car, then you are asking for trouble a couple of miles down the road.


It is possible to find a great deal at an Orlando Pull and Pay. All you need is the toys and knowledge necessary to know what you want, and to get it. Do your research and walk away with the perfect part for your car, at the fraction of the price you would pay at a retailer. Just make sure that you are getting a part worth the money, and not waste time on something that has been damaged to the ravages of heat and moisture.

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