INKAS Armored Personnel Carriers (APC)

INKAS armored personnel carriers are meant to look majestic and imposing. When you enter a conflict zone with an INKAS APC, the vehicle makes a clear statement that you are not to be messed with.

Many of INKAS clients who buy armored vehicles are governments looking to combat drug cartels and guerrilla armies.INKAS Vehicle Manufacturing may be based in Toronto but it manufactures APCs for militaries and governments around the world.

One of INKAS popular armored personal carriers is the Huron. The Huron APC has a top speed of between 120 and 140 km and is made to take on the toughest terrain. If a tire is punctured, a sensor lights up on the dashboard, triggers the built-in air compressor and re-inflates it to enable an escape. It can withstand fire from an AK-47 or even armour-piercing rounds.

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