A Fully Fitted Vehicle

Unbelievably, leasing a car from Car4Leasing is a bit like building a fitted kitchen! This may seem like an odd comparison, but just as kitchen design allows you to plan where cupboards sit, what handles to choose and how much lighting you need, similar individuality can be added to a leased car.

Gone are the days when leasing a car was the poor option.  Car4Leasing have a huge range of stock, and extremely flexible deals, live on the website for customers to browse.  However, whilst these represent the very latest and best market deals of the moment, you are not obliged to glibly take the most basic model or finish if your budget allows you to expand you options.

With wonderfully detailed finance options and leasing quotes, it is easy to free-up some of your budget to get your dream lease car.  If a larger initial deposit is attractive, reducing your monthly payments, then Car4Leasing can oblige.  Conversely, if a larger deposit is not realistic for the customer, then spreading the costs through slightly adjusted monthly payments is possible; friendly and knowledgeable Car4Leasing staff can address your specific needs.

This all means that every lease deal has the capacity to be utterly unique, and that every car taken from Car4Leasing is unique too.  By having flexible finance packages, you can afford some of those little extras or colour and design choices which mean you get exactly what you dream of with Car4Leasing.

So, what might make your new car standout from the crowd?

The exterior of a car can be modified from standard to exceptional with colour options, perhaps metallic paintwork or colour bumpers are the thing for you?  Small hatchbacks can look beautiful using the range of optional colours, which really makes you stand apart from the crowd.

Of course, interior options are important and there are various upgrades you can consider when ordering your lease vehicle.  If music is important as you travel along motorways in your executive saloon car, then consider upgrading CD systems/speakers.  If you are often stuck on a motorway, getting from business to business, then air conditioning might be worth enquiring about.

Most car manufacturers offer brochures detailing colour options, sports accessories, lighting extras and interior options, and any of these can be incorporated into your lease deal. Simply let Car4Leasing know what you would like to add, or change from the advertised model and they will negotiate the best deal available.  Because you are paying a fixed sum of money then it is easy to budget for a unique design, in an affordable and planned way.  One important point to consider is that building such a special and unique car may delay the delivery time, but Car4Leasing have that cov4red too!  You can agree a short-term lease of as little as 3 months, to get you mobile whilst your gleaming new car is ordered; no need to worry about transport until delivery, Car4Leasing has the whole experience covered.  After 12 weeks, when Car4Leasing receive your bespoke vehicle, then you simply return the short-term leased car and step into your brand new, specifically tailored new car.  If the build, as is the case with some manufacturers, takes a little longer, just extend your temporary short-term lease with complete confidence and peace of mind.

If you dream of a bright pink Fiat, or super-sporty Kia, here is the opportunity to realise your desires, in a flexible and affordable way.

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