Honda have some incredibly exciting bikes lined up for 2014. The CB650F and CBR650F were recently showcased at EICMA 2013 with a wonderful 649cc inline-four engine. And now, Honda have released details on the CTX1300 AND CTX1300 DELUXE, two bikes that are sure to satisfy riders with even the biggest power cravings.

First, we’ll start with the regular CTX1300.


The CTX1300 is an all new bike that aims to offer the rider a maximum level of comfort and technology – Honda have included an astounding range of kit on the regular CTX1300, and this combined with the muscle of a 1,261cc engine makes for a rather special bike to say the least.

The 1,261cc liquid-cooled longitudinally mounted 90° V-4 has been specially tuned for lots of mid-range torque. The bike has a 78mm x 66mm bore and stroke, five speed transmission, dual 310mm front brake discs and a single 315mm rear brake disc. The power output of this bike is huge – it produces 117 bhp and 86 lb /ft of torque at just 6,500 rpm.

With those power figures, the CTX1300 is going to be a beast in a straight line. The rider position is the same as its now smaller brother, the CTX700, in that the rider sits bolt upright. This is a cruiser, after all, and an incredible cruiser at that – there isn’t a Harley that can match it! Also of note is that the seat is two-tier, so passengers will be able to ride in comfort.

The beauty of this bike is that the liquid-cooled engine is naked and exposed, and you can admire the exposed cylinder heads and exhaust headers without even riding it. What Honda has created is a really rather beautiful bike.

Sadly, the CTX1300 does not feature a DCT dual-clutch transmission, unlike the smaller CTX700.


The CTX1300 DELUXE is the same bike as the regular CTX1300, but with extras included in the price. You get all of the above, plus:

–          ABS

–          Traction control

–          Self cancelling turn signals

–          Bluetooth connectivity

–          Blacked out styling elements

It is, of course, a bit of a surprise that the regular CTX1300 does not feature ABS as standard, however the option to have it as part of the DELUXE package is better than nothing, I suppose. Riders also have the option to spruce up their CTX1300 with a range of Genuine Accessories at Honda Motorcycles from Grantham Honda, including a tall windscreen, heated grips, 12-volt sockets, LED fog lights plus much more.

Overall, the all new CTX1300 is a fine new addition to the Honda range. It will be interesting to see how well in terms of sales this big and powerful bike does in the UK.


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